Sales territory Stockholm and surrounding area
Number of employees 4 people
Website www.kungslas.se

Marcus Hellström


Marcus Hellström

Managing Director, Kungslås

“We are proud to be a part of TCECUR. We look forward to further developing the company’s potential in TCECUR’s customer-focused, simple and entrepreneur-driven structure, through good collaborations in joint projects with other companies within the group. It is very exciting.”

– Managing Director Marcus Hellström

About Kungslås

Kungslås is an authorized locksmith company operating mostly in the Stockholm area and works with companies, municipalities, condominium associations as well as private individuals. There are both locksmith and journeyman certificates within the company.


Kungslås was founded in 1961 and has since the beginning been a supplier of Assa’s security system. Today, the company works with most manufacturers such as Axema, Dorma and Evva. The company is a well-established full-service business offering solutions in security and emergency evacuation.

The company is authorized by Sweden’s national association of master locksmiths and has the highest credit rating, which provides great security for both customers and suppliers.