Sales territory Primarily in Sweden
Number of employees 22 people

Anton Juric (Managing Director) och Niklas Lindgren (Marketing Manager/Deputy CEO)


Anton Juric & Niklas Lindgren

Managing Director and Marketing Manager/Deputy CEO, Sectragon

“We welcome TCECUR as the new owner of Sectragon. It is an honor to be one of the few hand-picked companies becoming part of the group. We have big plans for the future and through organic growth, acquisitions and close collaborations with the group’s other companies we will reach new heights.”

– Managing Director Anton Juric

About Sectragon

Sectragon is a modern security supplier that delivers customized comprehensive solutions in security technology, including burglar alarms, fire alarms, access systems, locks and camera surveillance. The company is an SBSC-certified installation company for burglar alarm systems in alarm class 2, camera surveillance systems (CCTV) and automatically connected fire alarms. The company operates with a broad scope, but most customers are found in the public sector, property development, property management and logistics segments.


Sectragon was founded in 2015 when IP cameras began to compete with analogue cameras. Thanks to an uncompromising service and strong ties to some of the world’s largest camera manufacturers in Asia, the company was able to break into the market and gain a large customer base in a short time period. Through a sound business plan, good recruitment and a continued high level of service, the business areas were expanded over the years. First with integrated security systems, then locks and fittings and finally fire alarms. Today, the company is one of the industry’s fastest growing and most profitable companies.