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Sales territory Primarily in Sweden
Number of employees 14 people

Robert Birgersson


Robert Birgersson

Managing Director

“TC Connect Sweden AB has for a number of years continuously increased sales in accordance with the Group’s growth targets. This has led to the company today being in a growth phase to meet the demand for our products and services. We have for a long time focused on long-term relationships with our customers, which has contributed to important framework agreements that secure sales in the future. Our skilled technicians are constantly working to improve our products, applications and services, so we can meet the demands that our customers place on us as a system integrator.”

– Managing Director Robert Birgersson

About TC Connect Sweden

The company’s operations originate from the 1960s when the operations were conducted within Svenska Radio Aktiebolaget, later to be transferred to Ericsson Radio Systems during the 1970s. The core business has been, and still is, radio communication with a focus on safety and function.

The business was conducted as a part of Ericsson Sverige AB until the year 2000, before being acquired by Norwegian Telenor and Telenor Connect AB was formed with companies from both Sweden and Norway.

In October/ November 2012, a new company was formed, TC Connect Sweden AB.

TC Connect Sweden AB is a leading provider of customized solutions in voice and data communication as well as smart applications for monitoring, positioning, navigation and security. TC Connect Sweden AB is today a wholly owned subsidiary.

Security in motion

We are a leading systems integrator, delivering solutions for voice and data communication to professional users in Europe. We know that you as a customer place very high demands on reliability, function and availability. We believe that it is absolutely crucial for you to be able to communicate safely and without unwanted interruptions, in all situations.


TC Connect collaborates with several leading manufacturers of digital communication systems. Our goal is to be able to provide our customers with products and solutions that meet all the needs and challenges existing in their businesses.

We offer products and solutions in the following segments:

  • Radio communication for DMR and PoC
  • Mobile coverage and Indoor solutions
  • Measurement and Control
  • Operation and Monitoring
  • Security solutions




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