Logotyp för LåsTeam

Sales territory Primarily in Sweden
Number of employees 60 people
Website www.lasteam.se

Klas Ingemarsson


Klas Ingemarsson

Managing Director, LåsTeam Sverige AB

“We welcome TCECUR as the new owner of LåsTeam. We look forward to continuing to develop the company’s potential further by exploring new markets, gaining access to new technology, close collaborations within the group and continued expansion both organically and through acquisitions.”

– Managing Director Klas Ingemarsson

About LåsTeam Sverige AB

We are a company that everyday work to make our customers feel safe in that they have chosen the best overall supplier in security. We do this by constantly asking ourselves and our customers what we can do better. This applies to everything from finding the best solution for each individual customer to improving internal routines so that we create quality in all aspects of our way of working. We feel proud and happy that through hard work we have succeeded in creating success and security, for both ourselves and our customers.

We started in 2000 and with the help and trust of our fantastic customers have grown into a full-scale security company that today can be found in several locations in Sweden. Even though we are growing, we have always tried to maintain the personal commitment that makes our customers feel that we give them that little extra.

Our vision

“We will be the leading security provider”

Through hard work, focus on customer needs and the strive to always improve our way of working, we will become the leading security provider. This is our guiding star, and it helps us to always do our best for all customers in all projects.

Everything from keys to turnkey, electronic locking systems

We work with everything within the entire lock, alarm and security area, which means that we have the knowledge to build a strong and effective shield, without weak points. All knowledge is inhouse and through training we stay up to date with the latest news and technologies.