Our History

TCECUR is a group consisting of technology-oriented businesses operating in the security industry, focusing on innovation and comprehensive solutions in security and secure communication. The group originates from Ericsson Radio and Telenor Radio, with over 40 years of experience, and was formed in its current state in 2017 when the company was listed on the stock exchange. Since the IPO, a number of leading security companies have been acquired, including AWT (Access World Technic) 2017, Mysec (2018),  Comex (2019) and Automatic Alarm (2020).

The companies within the TCECUR group develop, sell, integrate, install, commission, service and maintain critical security systems in burglar and fire alarms, surveillance, access control systems and secure communication. Our many years of experience have formed us into what we are today; close and long-term partners for our key customers.

We know what the market demands

Our combined experience has formed us into what we are today, a technology-oriented security group with great experiences from the demanding and wide-ranging security market. The road to where we are today has been long and has given us the knowledge and skills to provide unique, customized and high-quality security solutions. We are proud to operate as a decentralized and entrepreneurial organization, which allows us to be and act close to our most important customers. At the same time, the group provides strong support to the businesses. We believe this is a powerful business model delivering profitable growth as well as satisfied and loyal customers.